Yochai Ataria noted in his essay, “Becoming Nonhuman: The Case Study of the Gulag

“It thus seems that one of the major goals… was to ensure the prisoners understood that they WERE NOT LONGER ORDINARY HUMAN BEINGS. Indeed, they were not interrogated as people but rather as OBJECTS ON AN ASSEMBLY LINE

The overall objective was to STRIP the prisoner of all aspects of humanity. This was a major junction in TRANSFORMING the prisoner into an OBJECT.”

How was the DEHUMANIZATION of the individual achieved?

First, SOLITARY CONFINEMENTwas employed as a “LOW-COST and USEFUL way of BREAKING the prisoner…Here in the LubyankaYOU ARE NO LONGER A PERSON.There are people around you. Lead you down the corridor, photograph you, undress you, search you mechanically. Everything is done completely impersonally. You look for a human glance but you don’t find it…    


Isn’t it apparent that millions of Americans are enduring the equivalent of solitary confinementas the lockdowns continue indefinitely?  Isn’t it clear the universal masking of the human face and the forced distancing from one another has distorted all relationships?

How many millions search for a human glance from individuals rendered featureless?  How distorting is the recommendation that couples making love wear masks?

Second, Soviet prisoners were prevented from any kind of communication from others because communication would “bring about the collapse of the entire mechanism by preserving some element of humanity.”

By now, most Americans are well aware of the efforts to block communication countering the alternate reality of the “Great Reset.” Mainstream Media, Facebook, Twitter and other communication networks are working overtime to censor speech contrary to the approved narrative.  

Even the president of our country is being censored.He routinely has had corrections added to his Twitter feed; his speeches are not carried by MSM, and his attorneys’ attempts to get the facts out about the stench of election fraud are sidelined or ignored. 

As for Joe Average Citizen, social media giants such as Facebook pointedly block communication that is out of line with THEIR “STANDARDS,”while so-called “fact checkers,” aka BRAINWASHERS, post relentless reminders about the newly favored “realities” of the Great Reset.

For those who have wondered about the role of trans ideology in resetting reality, wonder no more.  It also is a tool to dehumanize every person, blurring as it does the physical reality that identifies every human being as male or female.

As a recent article in Spike magazine noted of the recent decision of Ellen Page, who has declared herself to be a man:

“Do we matter?It seems not. The elitism of identitarianismis exposed in its commitment to overriding what society at large understands and believes, all those facts and customs we adhere to, and in its demand that we lie– that we say Caitlyn Jenner won a gold medal and that Ellen Page is male… The cult of transgenderism isn’t liberation. All it does is allow individuals to ‘LIBERATE’ THEMSELVES FROM REALITY WHILE HEAPING PRESSURE ON the REST of US TO DENY the TRUTH, to SILENCEour OWN KNOWLEDGE, to lie to ourselves and to others.

That is the opposite of freedom