The Neighborhood (Meat the Neighbors)


“ECON-GURU” – the Economic “travel guide” and “master sensai” leading “students” through the economic “jungle” of “Socialist Street”

“SIKSA” (the Snake) – Hindi for “ENLIGHTENMENT”

“ASUL” (the Snake) – Hindi for “BLESSing”

“UNCLE RICH” – the “alter ego” cousin of Econ Guru – loves economics and entrepreneurship – the economic “YODA” of “Socialist Street”



ALFALFA ALINSKY – the “community organizer” – “agitator who is an Economic ILL-iterate – a “legend in his own (dystopian, malignant narcissist) mind – has been to all 57 states as “salesman” for Solyndra, peddling “Cash for Clunkers” – a.k.a. “Obama-CON” – a graduate of “Chicago School of Economics” founded by Al Capone and Saul Alinsky – an elitist “political animal” who never leaned to count; a Hawaii prep-school-Chicago “gangster”

ROB-ben STEELE – “sharing” or “stealing”? – another economic “CON man”

CONor RACKET – a “hunter” and “manipulator” of “rackets” – organized criminal conduct

The LOBSTERS” – LESS-ter and LOWell – twin “monsters” of LEVEL-ing; not “owned” but frequently “used” by “Social Street” leaders to “menace” the body-politic through the IDOLs of “EQUALITY in MISERY and “GOD of GOVERNMENT” (IDOL-atry – the totalitarian “god-state”)

EVEN STEVEN – zero sum “zombie” – whatever goes “up” must come “down”

POISON ENVY – “lady” LEVEL-or – evil sister of “greed” – but she (envy) is a FAR WORSE menace to society and “deadly sin” – 

BOLSHEVIK BERNIE – Equality in Misery – works at Communist Cafe – delusional delicatessen – does not how to count – specialty is “socialist sandwich” on rye – communist con-socialist sucker

BANKRUPT BONITA – Socialist Siren (dystopian delusion & destruction) – a combination “hot Latina” (with totalitarian temper) AND ”valley girl” – who likes to “channel” her “inner Che” – firing squad executions at the mall – a former, fired “barista” whose specialty drink to make and serve is “poison envv”

PHONY FASCISTA – politician (POWER-PIG) who “plays favorites” and picks “winners & losers”; a “shady” and “slippery” political “CHAMELEON“; her views and road to power are often intentionally “KAMALA-flaged” and hidden to hide here true “totalitarian” nature as a “closet” socialist who hates and resents capitalist, independent “profit pimps” (unless they feed her insatiable desire for POWER)

Exceptional Earn-ie – the RISING TIDE raises his boat – and everyone around him; Earn-ie is an “ENTREPRENEUR” risk-take of enterprise


WISE WILLIE – a “shrewd operator” – combination Kung Fu “MASTER PO” and “SAMURAI SLUM LORD” who specializes in guns (owns Socialist Street gun shop) and many local rental properties

BLOW-HARD BOB – a “Brash” New Yorker with “BIG MOUTH” not shy to share his Economic ILL-iteracy; big on “opinions” – small on “facts”; a hero of hypocritical double-standards; a “rich man” who says “”BILL GATES has too much money)

REG-gie STATE (regulations – government “inspector”)

LEVELed Louie – whatever goes ‘UP” will go DOWN” – everything must eventaually “level” out … not coincidentally a “cousin” of “Even Steven”


Paul Parasite – there’s a SUCKER born every minute

CHER deWEALTH – the “diva” of RE-distribution – will give away everything she does not own

BARRY the SLOUCH – garbage collector – “community organizer” – clandestine “mobster” – has a Jeckll-Hyde Persoanality – turns into “Oscar the Grouch”

BLAKE the SNAKE – malignant narcissist “leader” – diabolical “diva”

“CHAVITO el Gallito” – a “little rooster” who must “shrink” everything down to size – reduce and control

SLAVIC SOCRATES – “Enemy of the State” … the one primarily responsible for this “mess”